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Monday, November 07, 2005

The Soda Shop

We avoided the out-the-door brunch lines at The Kitchenette and tried the new The Soda Shop on Chambers Street. Actually, I'd been the day before to check it out and the woman gave me a free coffee just for looking. I'm a sucker for that kind of friendliness, so we went the next day to give them some business.

Brunch was good, but a root beer float and a hearty sandwich feels more appropriate to the place. Next time, lunch.
Mental note: Who was it that was looking for a place to buy Black Jack gum?


Anonymous said...

I went to this place Friday night and it was amazing. I tried their ham dinner platter and it was reasonably priced and had the perfect amount of food. It left just enough room to try some mint chocolate chip malted milk balls and a delicious raspberry sand dollar cookie. The really nice woman gave my mother some free candy just for reminiscing with her and a man gave these two little kids some free ice cream sundaes. Really nice atmosphere!

Anonymous said...

This place is right by my school. I go there for lunch, during or after school. They actually have a grilled cheese sandwich named after my school. It's really good. Their egg creams are great. I haven't had one since the egg cream place near my house closed. I'll be there tomorrow at 1:30. The kid in the top hat. :0


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