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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Deutsche deconstruction

It looks like they've officially (visibly) begun taking apart the Deutsche Bank Building. I was expecting something looking more "top down." Are they cutting a strip down the center?


Anonymous said...

And he lives next to the site???!!!

FYI- that "strip" is a cut in the building suffered on 911. A large girder fell into and tore the side of the building open. To avoid falling debris they cut the opening clean.. hence the "strip" you see.

I live next to the site and have for 10 years...people-please get your demo facts straight before posting.

Downtown Hound

Anonymous said...

That photo is of the south side of the building, facing *away* from the WTC site. The 'gash' is on the opposite side.
Clearly visible in the photo are intact girders predating the catastrophe.
And, there's no need to be snotty.

Will said...

That's the south side, neighbor. Note the 120 Greenwich sign on the left edge of the photo. So I was standing sort of behind the American Stock Exchange to take this photo.

So, um... those are the straight facts.

Anonymous said...

wow. you lived there for 10 years. wow. i bow to you oh outerstater.

Anonymous said...

It is the location for the construction elevator. There will be "clean rooms' on each floor to decontaminate the workers and prevent the cancer-causing dust from escaping.


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