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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Living Storefront

Living storefront

Green storefront, irrigation detail

Living Storefront

Living storefront
You may have seen the item in Eater about the new bar coming with the plants on the front. There was a question about how the plants are going to be watered. Turns out there are thin hoses that run between the flats. They're attached to a big hose. So either they're on a timer or they have some kind of constant drip happening.

What amazes me is that they're using succulent plants. I would have thought some kind of hardy grasses or something, maybe ivy. And I would have thought some kind of rough stone or field stone with crags full of dirt. But these are like nursery flats.

This is N5th or so, off Bedford, next to that Mexican place.

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Anonymous said...

does anyone know who did the green wall installation? or the contact info of the property?


  • Mail me at Will.Femia @

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