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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Williamsburg graffiti

I focus so much on "street art" I don't often post traditional graffiti. Lately there's been a spate of impressive new pieces in Williamsburg however.

Cereal Killers

Just when I thought they were finished (and I was ready to say it looked like there was a hole in the composition) another name shows up. now I'm pretty sure they're done. I have details elsewhere in this Flickr stream. I confess to tweaking it a little in post production to bring out colors and contrast.







New piece

I saw a guy on a ladder painting this last week but couldn't stop for a photo so I came back to take this of the finishesd product.



Anonymous said...

Great pics! You're forgiven for making me wait sooo long, but it was worth it. Thanks for the cereal killers wall, I wondered how it turned out. Didn't it go around the corner as well? Nice 27. Allison

Will said...

Thanks. Sorry for the lag. Even as we speak here are photos in the flickr stream that I haven't moved here yet. Between taking the pictures, post producing them a little (or at least looking at them), then to Flickr with tags and that crap, and finally here... it's practically a job!

Anyway, yes and no regarding the corner. There's a killer piece around the corner but it's not new. It's in good shape though, so that intersection is pretty amazing.

Unknown said...

That was me on the ladder. And thats not the final shot. Oddly enough I found your photo of my wall doing a "painting on a ladder" Google search.
Funny how life works in these circles.

Check my site for the final product in the "letters" section.




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