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Monday, July 09, 2007

Bedford and N7th new spots coming

'Install...for a new restaurant.'
You might not recognize it immediately but it's on N7th off Bedford, literally at the mouth of the subway entrance on the south side of the street. See the reflection in the glass in the permit photo for a better sense of it.

'Install...for a new restaurant.'

That other space at Bedford & N7th
Obviously this has been a curiosity for a long time, having such a prominent location on Bedford just north of N7th. The storefront is more finished now and there's a sign in the window asking for kitchen help. I popped my head in this weekend and asked what was coming (the permit says "existing take-out restaurant"). "Chapay," said the worker inside.


Chapay... chaaapayyyy.

What is that, Peruvian, I thought to myself. Seeing my confusion the guy came over and traced letters on the door, naming them, "Chai... Ah..."


Oh! It's going to be a cafe? What, like baked goods and coffee? (It looks like there's an espresso machine on the counter.)

Yes, yes, bakery, yes.

I didn't ask when they expect to open. I'll try again another day when I can be more confident in my ability to communicate.

Unless someone already knows the answer and wants to share...

That other space at Bedford & N7th

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