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Friday, February 16, 2007

Up is down

070215 039

070215 032


Anonymous said...

the balance between puddle and stairs in the 2nd shot seems better but the color of the sky and building is much better in the first one. i'm really not sure which to vote for. paula, randy, simon- what do you guys think?

Will said...

HA! My sentiments exactly! In fact there were four of these. One went out pretty quick and the third made it all the way to Flickr before I decided it was ridiculous to have three of the same photo. One difference that you can't see is that the two photos are shot with considerably different settings. (Actually, you can see it at least described if you open the Flickr version of each and click "more properties.") The ISO in the second one is considerably higher, so the photo quality, if you blew it up, isn't as good.

Anyway, thanks for your feedback.


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