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Monday, February 05, 2007


070203 050

Ooohhh... this is very exciting. It looks like the new blogger will take the larger photos without breaking all the columns.

In that case, I'm going to go back to posting the larger versions of my photos. This is going to make the page weight heavy, but I'd rather work on that problem than stay with these tiny images.

Of course, it's too damn cold right now to take any photo walks of decent length, but hopefully I'll grab some daylight mid-week.


stu said...

Only problem is that it pushes all the stuff that was on the right side down to the bottom (if that's an issue for you) I found that 700 wide was the maximum without pushing it down, just a heads up thats all


Will said...

On mine it's just the archives that are pushed down. Still, that's annoying. I can't find the place in the template that defines how wide the columns are. I'll figure it out.

stu said...

yeah sorry that's what I meant, and its actually 640 wide that seems to be the limit, if you figure it out I'll be glad for the info as well, can't sort it myself :o(


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