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Thursday, February 22, 2007

McCarren Park

070220 030DeSat

070220 030Gray

070220 030
McCarren Park
I tried a new way of rendering black and white that involves the "color lab" mode and grayscale. The difference is almost indistinguishable and in the end I like the simple "desaturate" button better.


Lexcen said...

B&W definitely enhances the image for this one.

Will said...

Something the switch to black and white helped with for this photo was that I was pointing into the sun a bit so the whole thing had a bit of glare haze. Switching to black and white made it easier to remove most of that.

Anonymous said...

there was a time when you would get robbed for your camera in this park if you tried to take pictures like this. alas, gentrification made it possible.

Will said...

Lucky for me I managed to get mugged before NYC got too nice I guess.

This summer there was a guy dealing drugs out in the open near this corner of the park. He stood out like a sore thumb. Pretty funny no one told him the park is kickball country now. I was wondering if maybe he just got out of prison or something and didn't realize how much it had changed.

Will said...

... But one thing I should add is that before the dangerous days you seem to celebrate there was a time before that when you wouldn't get robbed here. You'd take the trolley and go to the movies. There's this weird sense out there that New York's original state was criminal and it's been a slow crawl away from that ever since. Greenpoint's roots aren't ghetto and crime no matter what rough patch you may want to romanticize.


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