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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Empty space

A rare look behind the construction wall on that huge lot at N4th in Williamsburg. This place just screams roller rink to me. Or something. Seems a shame that it just sits. Last activity in there was the removal of huge cranes that were afixed to the ceiling.
061126 017

061126 014

061126 015


Anonymous said...

I've been out of the 'hood for a while.
North 4th and what? Bedford?

Will said...

This is taken from the Berry Street side, but yes, between Bedford and Berry, N4th and N3rd. That entire block is one big "gunna-be." Depending on how lnog ago you were in the neighborhood, this is a former warehouse that used to have some really vibrant graffiti on it. On the Bedford side they kept one wall of it. The Bedford side of this block is where the bagel place is.

As for what it's gonna be, they're still fighting about it. There's a developer who wants to put big condo towers of some kind I think.


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