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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Monsignor's closed!!

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We noticed it was shuttered over Thanksgiving and a few days later the real estate sign went up. I have to assume the taco place that worked out of the back is also closed. That's a real shame. Now comes the time to hope/dread what goes in there. Will it be a cool place like some of the other corners of the park (Luncheonette, Mamalu, er... Turkey Nest) or will the Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robins trend that just went in a block away spread to this corner with another chain restaurant?


Anonymous said...

I'm hopin for a starbucks. Since leaving the city to save on rent, I got 4 bucks in me pocket for a caramel mocha china thingy everyday

Will said...

A nice indie coffeehouse would be nice, but a Starbucks next to the Dunkin Donuts would be too much. Don't they have caramel mocha china thingys at DD?

Anonymous said...

Listen guys, from a native Greenpoint gal, I'm glad to see that we have a Dunkin Donuts here in the neighborhood. Why not?
We finally got "chic" enough to have one, and we want these transiet hipsters dictating what we want to drink and eat??? Come on guys, and..........
I hear the guy who owns the DD is a Greenpoint local. I love it!!!!

Will said...

You point is well taken, and of course we want the conveniences that come with a New York City neighborhood. The objection to too many chain stores is that the neighborhood loses its identity and comes to look like every other place everywhere.

It's not a matter of it having to be "hipster" it's a matter of it having to be Greenpoint. When you go away for a while and come back you want to say, "Ah! Now this is Greenpiont!" and you don't get that from chair stores (except maybe if the person behind the counter speaks Polish). I prefer to patronize any place that keeps my neighborhood unique and gives it character.

By the way, something I've been wanting to ask a Greenpoint native is what used to be where Maria's is on Manhattan. It looks like it used to be a Dunkin Donuts.


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