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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

NYC Marathon Part 2

This first one is basically a "before" picture of the stretch just past the water station. It's not before the race, but it's before the heavy traffic started coming through.
061105 055

There was a water table and a Gatorade table. The football guys are Automotive High School's Pistons football team.
061105 047
The people passing out water scream, "WATER WATER WATER!" The cool thing is that you can stand behind the water table because all the action is in front of it.
061105 044
This is why the water people wear rain coats.
061105 038Crop

061105 038
Oops, this series is backward. Should have started with the one below.
061105 037

061105 095
It's amazing to me how uniform the angle of lean is among the runners.
061105 090
Below, the cups pile up. See what that girl has in her hand? It's a tub of Vaseline with sticks in it. I saw a few people rubbing them under their arm pits. I guess after a while some chaffing happens.
061105 085
That's a medical tent on the right.
061105 077
This must mean it's exactly 12 miles from Staten Island to the Greenpoint/Williamsburg border.
061105 065
I'd hoped the one below would show the circus about Lance Armstrong (see him there under the microphone?) but I'm not sure it does.
061105 059

This guy runs the whole thing backward.
061105 104

Tsk, Dom and Xavier, please report to the principal's office. Actually, a few people, women too, pulled over on our street to pee (the women squatted between cars). I guess as the larger group passed through the line for the port-o-johns got really long.
061105 103

They're on a mission from God. (I wasn't trying to take a picture of them leering at girls, it just happened that way.)
061105 099

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