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Sunday, August 06, 2006

The park takes one

There are worse ways to go than in your sleep in the grass in McCarren Park on a clear summer day.

We chatted with some bystanders:

Us: Did you find him?

Bystanders: No, people were saying he was there this morning but he was moving.

Us: Is it a homeless guy?

Bs: Yeah, maybe. It could be. It's one of the regulars, you know. The regulars.

Us: I alwasy wonder, sometimes with those guys.

Bs: What gets me is all the people just sitting around there having their day like it's nothing. They're right next to him!

Sure enough, if you look at the far right in this shot, not 20 feet away are a group of people who couldn't be bothered to move their blanket away from the body.

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