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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Commute highlights II

Shots in DUMBO/Vinegar Hill from a couple weeks ago that I have kicking around but I want to get up for reference so I'm sneaking them out in a weekend post...

Adams St., you can see J Condo in the background. That's the Manhattan Bridge poking through there.

above and below, 20 Jay Street. I took these while I was trying to figure out what the Jay Building is.

Farther down Front St, this reminds me of some kind of theme restaurant in Orlando. One random building plopped down on another one. I like the little guy in the shot below with his arms up, like it was his job to guide the crane that was going to put the yellow structure on top of the garage, but he had a poor angle and mis-estimated the building next door.

For the longest time I thought someone had purchased a McDonalds and converted it to a private dwelling or club or something. Turns out, it's a Buddhist temple. This is Front St. at Gold St.
Below is across the street from the temple. I like the saw blade terraces. Presumable they're angled for a better view of the bridges.

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