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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Clean your plate

Apparently Brooklyn is also the home of all the food you didn't eat.


Admin said...

wow, can't they give all those bagels to the homeless or something?

Will said...

You'd think there'd be some way to redistribute it. There's a church not far from here, maybe they have a soup kitchen or something. I should point out that this isn't from a bagel shop, it's the dumpter in front of the garage that stores the bagel carts that sit on sidewalks throughout the city all morning selling coffee, bagels and doughnuts. Sort of like a hot dog cart, but usually big enough for the vender to stand inside it like a little booth. Anyway, these bagels are already pretty old by the time they end up here. Plus, they've probably had cream cheese on them all day too. They might be unfit for consumption by the time they reach this point.


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