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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Ground Zero prepares

The Financial Center gets a flag.

Some future-hype at the PATH station.

I mentioned this art the other day. This is inside the PATH station. Now I've read the plaque explaining it and it turns out the art is by children of 9/11 victims as part of an art therapy program.

Flag reflected in 7WTC

In Ground Zero itself there are VIP tents, port-o-johns, and the footprints of the towers are outlined by a fence. Tower 1's outline is in the distance at the end of the ramp.

Tower 2's outline below.

I saw some stock news photography shots of the root sculpture being installed at Trinity Church. when I got there it was all overed up with a tarp. Presumably there will be a ceremony on Sunday.

Looks like George has big plans for this weekend as well.

Lastly, this year the tribute in light is on top of the garage next door. Should be able to get some interesting shots from up here.

The top photo is through a window, the bottom one is in the open air on the patio. I didn't notice the window to be tinted, but the light came a slightly different color nonetheless.

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