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Monday, September 12, 2005

Assorted scenes from 9/11/05

This is in the afternoon while names are still being read. The crowd in front of the names is bigger than usual but I thought the crowd generally would be bigger. One reason why it seemed smaller may be that there were speakers all around the site and it was easy to sit and listen just about anywhere. Later in the day I saw that the actual podium was on the other side of the site, but you'd never know it being over here.

Naturally, media was everywhere. That's the WNBC guy in the back there.

This bagpipe circle was over in front of St. Peter's. What was interesting (to me) about the neighborhood yesterday was that there were a lot of smaller groups remembering in their own way. It wasn't like a parade or something where there is a central spectacle and everyone is based around that.

Another scene formed at O'Hara's on Cedar Street. Lots of first responders here. If you look close you can see a British bobby in the street there. (As always, click for a bigger view.)

The search dogs.

The desire to leave some mark on the site remains as strong as it was 4 years ago when every surface was either draped with a signature covered banner or t-shirt or just written upon directly.

Nothing particular here, just interesting.

The fence has been clean of offerings all year. People still bring stuff and tie it to the fence, but it doesn't usually stay there long. Most of these things were still on the fence today, so I'm not sure how long they'll leave it up. Usually after the first rain it starts to look a little shabby.

One of the more refreshing things about the afternoon was the reverential quiet and general feeling of respect. No bored kids on a tour group or tourists grinning inappropriately for cameras. By the evening, however, a pretty circus-like atmosphere took hold. The above photo is of everyone taking a picture. I've never seen so much camera equipment in one spot, not even at a photoblogger meeting.

I'm not sure why it would be necessary to have a fire truck with two TVs built in, but this one did and showed what I think was a 9/11 documentary. No sound though. Instead they blasted inspiration music -- the one about "you lift me up so I can stand on mountains" or something. This was just out of earshot of a guitar player down the way who sang and strummed about remembering or loving or etc.

The "Portraits" readers have a much better audience than they did for the week day commuting crowd earlier in the week.

You'll recall last year one of the big themes was 9/11 art cars. This was the only one I saw this year. (The top one is in better focus but that lady's head is blocking the "scumbag" which really helps define the piece.)

Nothing says remembrance like a blue/red/purple color changing Twin Towers plastic molded paper weight.

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