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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Reuters Building

I attended a conference today on the 30th floor of the Reuters Building, 7 Times Square. Unfortunately, it wasn't the kind of conference where one could feel comfortable snapping photos like a tourist, so I didn't get to go crazy with the camera. Still, I wasn't going to take none. Sheesh.

The best view I've ever had of the top of the Times building. That's where the ball drops, that pole right there.

Insofar as the building I was in is reflected in the building across the square, there's an image of me in this shot somewhere.

Crossroads of the world. Too bad the Gates are gone, that's Central Park at the end of the street. Would have been a cool shot to get Times Square in the foreground and the Gates in the background. What's interesting in this shot is that even though there's still a pretty good amount of sun up here, Times Square is getting dark and you can see some of the lights are on.

That's the UN at the end, Grand Central a little closer, and this is the Nasdaq building in front.

Look at all those black towncars lined up to pick the NASDAQ hotshots up from work.

An unusual top to this building.


Shil K. Patel said...

love the pictures. i'd love to live in a city as vibrant as new york. so much more source material.

Anonymous said...

great shots, as always :-)

i believe the brown building (the one mentioned in the last photo as having a cool top) is the original New York Times building. this is off the top of my head, but I think that Times Square was named after the NY Times when this building was built and that the round globe on top is what was originally lit on New Year's eve long ago.


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