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Saturday, April 09, 2005

Ladies and gentlemen, Molly Ringwald

We went for a walk in Battery Park City on Thursday night, and as we walked past the Winter Garden we could see there was something going on, so we popped in.

Some guy was singing jazz and show tunes and they'd arranged the place like a small theater in the round. I set about trying to find an attractive way to capture the red floor lights and blue tree lights in one shot.

... asking myself questions I imagine real photographers ask themselves...

Like whether it's too deliberate to frame the shot with this much symetry...

... or whether maybe I'm exploiting the light too much and maybe should tone it down a bit...

...and then the singing guy says, "Ladies and Gentlemen, Molly Ringwald."

She sang a few tunes in a Broadway manner, did a good job, looked well. You'll note she has a knee brace, that effected her walk a little. I didn't ask her about the Pretty in Pink sequel, but I probably could have. There was no "back stage" so she was pretty accessible.

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