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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Red purse



WTP said...

Couldn't photo-shop out the slob reading the paper? Pity.

Will said...

Ha! I like him there if only to prove that the whole thing isn't a set-up. That's an actual random lady, not some model in a costume I had sit there. Eventually her boyfriend showed up and sat next to her and he was dressed like a regular guy, no matching shoes and accessories (and maybe more significantly, no hourglass shape).

petrina said...

I love Five Leaves...would recognize it anywhere.

wtp said...

I meant to mention before, I also like the girl on the street looking in. I thought the slob was a distraction. Though, perhaps a slobbier-slob would have been an asset even your "gentrification" guy could appreciate.

No, really, I do like that you don't (I assume) do such. Makes it that much cooler when the perfectly serendipitous situation presents itself.


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