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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Standard

The Standard at night

The Standard at night


KRW said...

The lighting is impressive. Not that I know much about photography but I have had some success with night shots and know how hard it is to get a good take with varying light sources of varying intensities. Not that it would take away from the pics in my view, but I'm curious if you needed to do some post-op work to get them this sharp?

Will said...

Just about everything I shoot gets a bit of treatment before I post it. What that treatment consists of depends on when I took it because it sort of depends on what I'm trying to learn at the time. But I do usually sharpen.

That said, I'm not sure that's what you're seeing here - or what I'd say is the secret of this photo. Even though most of what I shoot is freehand, when I do real estate shots and other assigned work, I use a tripod and a remote trigger. The trigger is because I was finding that even pushing the button on the camera was causing a tiny bit of motion from the flex of the tripod. I happened to have been coming from another shoot with all my gear when I took this.

So what's really going on in this picture is a nice low ISO so it's not noisy and a long shutter and a stone steady tripod.

I had to stand in the street for this and I took a few of them so it was a hurried process of waiting for traffic, running into the street, frame up, shoot, hear the click, run out of the street, repeat. But for an hour or more before this I'd been shooting up on the High Line in the dark, so while my first inclination is to credit the dumb luck of a thoughtless rush, it's more likely that after that much trial and error I had a better feel for what was called for at that particular time of night.


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