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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

High Line at night

High Line at night

High Line at night

High Line at night

High Line at night

High Line at night
This was opening night. I'd been up there in press previews for Curbed but part of the hype of the thing was the light installations so they asked me to go back on opening night to see what I could get. I ran through the length of it with my tripod and only at the very end, literally my last picture, was I asked if I had press credentials (I didn't) and told to pack it up.


rengawk said...

Saw it on tv (travel channel?) the other day and was wondering if you had been there yet - hoping to make plans to see it in Spring :)

Will said...

It's worth walking the whole thing because they did a pretty amazing job of designing it in segments so there's quite a bit of contrast from one area to the next.

Definitely wait for nice weather though.

Dan said...

That was in the planning stages when I was there years ago, it's great to see it come to fruition. I love those benches.
Great shots as always!

Truth Woman said...

ha ha ha SUCKERS!!! cool pix, i'm no expert, but looking at your pictures is very enjoyable


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