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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The one that got away

The one that got away
The fact that this didn't come out well so pains me I can't stop thining about it. I'm seriously going back to this spot to take this exact shot again and stand there until the barber is back in the window like that.

I thought I could be sneaky with the quick shot but obviously every single person caught me taking it. If I'm going to get caught I might as well get the shot. Sheesh.


Reflections by Stacie Morse said...

One thought would be a monopod to get those quick, sneaky shots without camera shake. The fact that it is all slightly out is from the shake or try stopping wuick, tucking your elbows to your sides, and shoot with the fastest shutter speed you have. Also another thought is to try to sharpen this shot in CS3. If you don't have it; I do and would be happy to try to sharpen it for you. Let me know!

Reflections by Stacie Morse said...

that is try stopping quick. Doh!

Will said...

This was in the afternoon so there was plenty of light. The shutter speed was fast enough that shake wasn't really a problem. I tried to snap it between passing cars so I didn't give the auto-focus time to adjust. I'm pretty sure it's too far gone for sharpening.

That's ok though. Onward!

stu said...

oh no :(

You may get the barber in the same place but will you ever get the chef there as well?

Good luck


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