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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Alone in Grand Central

Alone in Grand Central


Anonymous said...

Impressive shot! Did you use a tripod or anything? I'm always impressed at how good your low-light shots come out. -- Tom

Will said...

Hi Tom, thanks.
No tripod on this, just hand held. I'm getting a little better at holding still (take a deep breath, relax shoulders, etc.). In this case it helps that nothing is moving.

On my camera, 1600 ISO is really noisy so I try to avoid it when I can. This one is at 800.

I'm slowly finding post-production tricks for dark photos too. Generally I find that sharpening makes things gritty but contrast will harden up the lines. Sometimes playing with the color can help, especially the highlights. The color of the light in Grand Central is kind of weird yellow anyway.

"Curves" in Photoshop is a relatively new discovery for me. That can wash out the shot but can also help boost the light.


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