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Thursday, November 01, 2007

East Coast 2 highlights

I had a good time shooting this new LIC building for Curbed. It was a challenge to look for shots that weren't straight documentary real estate pictures. The building uses a lot of textures and natural materials. Also great views. Some highlights:
071012 032

071012 036

071012 043

071012 102

071012 129

071012 132

071012 135

071012 148

071012 152

071012 Pan6Small

071012a 023

071012a 040

071012a 051

071012a 055

071012a 056

071012a 059


Anonymous said...

I LOVE how the opposite building reflects into the building you were shooting! It looks as if the windows are distorted.

Will said...

I had to practically press my face against the glass to see myself in the reflection. If I wasn't on a somewhat formal tour it would have been fun to try to put myself more distinctly in one of the windows.


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