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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Toll Advantage Day!

070428 006
How does this work in the mind of marketers? People walking down the street will be so interested in getting "an advantage" that they'll follow this sign and end up buying a condo that isn't built yet? Hey, did you see it's Toll Advantage Day? We gotta get into that!

070428 015
This is where you end up when you follow the signs. It's almost silly to post any photos of this building since everyone within a couple miles has been able to see it slowly rise into the sky, but I thought it was interesting to see it suddenly sprout balconies the other day (or did I just not notice?). It's almost at full height now and the shape at the top appears to be a little different.


J$ said...

you should have followed the signs- free beer and food (they definitely should have put that on the signs)! the building has been topped off already, so what you see is full height.

Will said...

Exactly! "Free beer" would work. "See the views you can't afford" would work. Hell, even the good old fashioned "open house."


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