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Monday, January 29, 2007

A look around Williamsburg

070128 050
Urban Green condos? 142 N. 6th? I thought they meant the "7 Berry" building but I think that address is actually this big hole between N5th and N6th.

070128 065
It has glass. Hard to imagine this is only half as high as it's going to be. It already looks tall. It's going to look freakishly tall.

Speaking of N6th...
070128 060

070128 058
No real scoop here other than to note that the work being done involves renovating an eating & drinking establishment, so we can expect another place to eat on N6th.

Speaking of new places to eat on that block...
070128 061
I know better than to hold my breath for the opening of Alia, but it seems noteworthy that they've got a new sign and these new benches out front.

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