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Monday, December 18, 2006

Assorted graffiti round up

061217 004
Above: I think this is pretty old, but it's fitting for the season.
Below: MOTUG -I think this was done this past summer. (Keap & Hope, Williamsburg, Brooklyn)
061217 009

061217 010

061217 011

061217 012

And I learned from the link above that this is the one they did in 2005
061217 015

Below: Greenpoint
061112 049

061112 051

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

yo this is cool
can you do me a favor
i looked and maybe i over looked but i dont see any addresses to any of these walls

can you send me some streets?

and also i think it would be a gould idea to let ppl know where the walss are
unless you dont for a specific reason
then i understand
its cool

anyway send me some streets and if you have myspace add me
your blog is preety cool
i support it all the way!


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