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Sunday, March 13, 2005

94 Greenwich Street

It isn't usually news when a deli or pizzeria closes in New York city, particularly when there are others 30 feet away or less, but the closing of Lord's Deli and it's adjacent pizza place is kind of significant in this case. 94 Greenwich is part of a strip of buildings being considered for historic preservation.

"[F]our small houses on Greenwich Street south of the World Trade Center site—numbers 67, 94, 941/2 and 96—have withstood almost 200 years of Downtown development, providing glimpses of lost streetscapes and bygone eras."

I don't know if the preservation society were ever able to get historic status for the buildings. There were rumors after the towers fell that 94 had been structurally compromised and would have to come down, but it stood strong. What's interesting about the closing of Lord's is that workers are in there gutting the place (note the dumpster), so whatever is going on there, it doesn't look likely to be more of the same. Hopefully it's a nice new restaurant and not the first step in tearing it down.

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leesean said...

94 Greenwich is now landmarked:


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