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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Working at night


I took this a few different ways trying to figure out how to frame the guy in the workshop. This is a little too direct I think, but the overall content of the picture is better.


JM said...

a great shot, will. i've been coming to view your work here for a long, long time, but don't remember if i ever commented. just wanted to say how much aesthetic enjoyment and human emotion i've continually experienced from your work.

thanks very much. i hope you keep shooting and posting for years to come.

James said...

I love this photo. It might be the voyeur in me, but my favorite part of the riding the subway, is when the trains get out of the tunnels and on to the open air tracks, because then I get a chance to peer into people's apartments and see what they're doing. It's usually watching tv. And this is probably TMI.


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