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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Le Figaro Cafe

There's a heuristic in photography that anything not relevant to the shot should be cropped away - actually, it shouldn't be in the frame in the first place, but barring that, crop it away later. So that's what I tried with the shot below. Depending on my mood I'm not sure the crop actually helps.
080330 045

080330 045Crop


mattte__86 said...

I liked it better uncroped. My eye draws towards the two ladies crossing the street, and they look like siamese twins as they walk the exactly same step.
Looks like a nice palce to be.

Will said...

I think you're right. Maybe if the photo was illustrating an article about this guy in the doorway or something it would make sense cropped but the scene definitely has more vitality in the wider view.

Al said...

I like the uncropped picture better. More interesting things.

stu said...

I'm gonna go against the grain here, cropping it has created a great portrait of the really interesting looking guy in that door way. The shadows frame him wonderfully


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