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Friday, October 19, 2007

Some local items

Bedford car lot
Brooklyn Industries opens a little Scion dealership - test drives and everything - on Bedford Ave. yesterday.

Goodbye Shanghai
Mergers and acquisitions. Shanghai Lee, which has a brand new sign, gives up its spot on Manhattan Ave at the end of Bedford Ave. just outside the G stop. Anticipation....

Storefront or workshop?
Bedford and N9th, this place has been behind plywood for at least a year and a half. No visible permits to see what's going on.

Storefront or workshop?

Brooklyn: Jungle out there
Though no BPC turkey, this partridge-like bird is pretty exotic for the parking lot of Automotive High School. The neighbor who identified it as a "Chucker" said he had also seen a parakeet and a red tailed hawk (with squirrel) in the past few hours. It's a friggin' safari.

Radegast cometh
Radegast cometh

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