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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Jimmy's Diner opened in the old Union Picnic space

Jimmy's Diner

Jimmy's Diner

Jimmy's Diner
Click through to the Flickr stream for a few other shots and a picture of the menu in the window.


Anonymous said...

whoa. can this get anymore lawnguyland mall hick?

Anonymous said...

This Jimmy's Diner is butt ass
ugly. They are open for business;
but the mossy, troll-hole color scheme is so unappetizing; that I will wait to eat there until there is a consensus that the food is not as hideous as the ambiance.

Anonymous said...

oh, it gets better. the food is gross. english muffin pizza in a restaurant, anyone? it's as if dumb hillbillies descended on union avenue. what's next, jimmy's diner, hamburger helper?

Anonymous said...

You guys are pretty snobby. I have pretty high standards when it comes to food, and have loved everything I've gotten there. On a whim, I ordered the Fried Chicken. It is unlike anything you've ever had. So amazing.

And if you crave a milkshake, this place is second to none.

The staff is really nice and it's a very chill atmosphere. I try to squeeze in at times when the hipsters aren't taking it over.

Anonymous said...

hipsters "aren't trying to take it over"; and nobody ever has to try to "squeeze in". as a matter of fact, i rec this place as empty - if you can't get into a joint that's popular, you can sure as heck get into this one. it's empty.

the fried chicken is "indeed like anything you've ever had", unless you've had muskrat fried over a barrel in the 1700's.

"high standards"? you have got to be the owner. nobody else on earth would have such standards.

ask anybody you know if they've eaten here. they'll give you one of two answers.

one: ew, no.
two: laughably awful.

one of the offerings is "english muffin pizza".

the thing that's odd about this place is that the food sucks beyond anything one might imagine.

the other thing that sucks, really sucks, is that the space used to be union picnic, and that was truly good food.

where do these people come from? i mean, you can get better food in a strip mall in the middle of nowhere.

go to pies 'n thighs. since union picnic closed, there is only one southern/soul joint in the area.

really, you may as well go to kellog's, because even that rat's ass dump is better than this place.

oh, BTW, "on a whim"? " you guys are pretty snobby"? "crave a milkshake"?

forget it. the place blows. i counsel you to try not to be so transparent when you try to shill for you own place. there's not another person on earth who would say anything good about your place.

Anonymous said...

Very delicious food, very friendly staff, speedy service. I call it an improvement over Union Picnic. My only complaint is the lack of lighter options, but that's what you get when the food is this tasty.


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