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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Looks like our man 27 has caught a beef

070324 075

I saw that one of the Deuce Seven pieces had been defaced so I went out to make sure I had a picture of that big one before it too was gone (again).
070324 042
So this guy is accusing him of snitching in 2000? The Village Voice article said he's 21, so in 2000 he'd have been 14... and living in Minneapolis. Are we to believe that a childhood friend has come to New York from Minnesota to harrass the artist by writing lame-ass initials on top of all the pieces? Clearly I'm missing something.

This would appear to be the response:
070324 043
While out I saw that others, though not all of them, had also been defaced by the same guy.

070324 044

070324 118
This one says "go home" which makes more sense to me in terms of why someone would resent him. It's pretty audacious to come to Brooklyn and write "Minneapolis" on the wall and be hailed as the new kind of NYC street art. If nothing else, this shows how silly the whole "splasher" drama was. Street Art by its nature is transient and contains elements of this kind of over-writing one-upsmanship. The artist is surely aware of this.

I wasn't the only one who wanted to grab a shot before it's gone...

070324 076

070324 074

070324 072


Anonymous said...

I hate to see the dueces work raped and pillaged like that!

Anonymous said...

well then maybe you should learn the history of that pussy, SON

Anonymous said...

seems that nehi and friends didnt give a fuck back in minneapolis and let most of his work run on the streets. but now it looks that nehi lives in new york and can not mack a name for himself like king kuma did and that fact that deuce came here and kinged the street scene in less than a month has nehi's panties in a bunch.

Anonymous said...

I'd hesitate to talk shit if i were you. The facts on this one, as always, are hazy. One thing you can count on, though, is that Nehi is well-respected where he comes from. Also, no one kings anything in a month, a year or even two. It doesn't work like that. Not in Minneapolis and for sure not in New York.

Anonymous said...

Shut up, he kinged the fuck out of it. That single piece is sicker than your entire career.


Anonymous said...

He is bigger than anybody who sets eyes on this will ever be. no one els is doing work like this any place on earth.

Anonymous said...

fuck history, KN is a jealous bitch

Anonymous said...

Nehi, you know you aren't well respected where you come from.

Anonymous said...

you know your doing something right when people get scared of your talent .. and anyone scared of his talent (which is unbelievable) is gonna try to do something to hold him back.. now taking something that actually looks good and painting snitch or fn or whatever the fuck it was (see how easy it is to forget) on top of it is just plain jealousy... i forgot to look did the dumb fuck even spell snitch right?? or fn for that matter.. and u have to admire anyone that says SON at the end of a statement... must be on a computer at the library...

Anonymous said...

haha all of these comments are great. We all know that 27 is the best artist in America at the time. people see his work and cant believe what they see. 27 was half way through his 8th grade. so anybody still crying about something that happened to them as a child, must still be a child. Its amazing how people that cant succeed in life hold on to old memories. Like this KN pussy. Look at how shitty his can handling is.


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