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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Immigration March, NYC

I am whole heartedly in support of marches that involve waving a lot of colorful flags. What a visual treat this march was. Good energy too. A lot of families, a lot of smiling. No one carrying a 6-foot-tall obscenity.

It doesn't matter if there are thousands of people in the street in front of the garage. When you have to get back to Connecticut, you have to get back to Connecticut.

There's something about someone hanging off a signpost below the words "Avenue of the Strongest" while waving a flag that requires a photo be taken.

Sombrero flag.

Baby bandana

Some leftovers from Saturday brought up the rear with anti-Bush/U.S. imperialism banners. That was not the dominant message of the march.

Can you spot the lone white guy holdover from Saturday in this shot? Hint: His is the only sign advocating violence.

I love that girl's profile against the green stripe.


The timing of the march was a little awkward. First of all, it was during rush hour. I happened to be watching local 6 o'clock news when they mentioned it was at Canal Street, so I grabbed my camera to go see what was up. When I got there the crowd was smallish but still gathering. By the time everyone had made it to Foley Square, the rally part of the event was over, which meant a lot of people arrived with no "there" there. Instead they sort of wandered up Center Street to the end of the Brooklyn Bridge.

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