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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Last tree standing

I took these during the demolition of 475 Greenwich at Canal. I like the lone tree battling the bulldozer and I like how the block in the background stands alone when you look at it from the east. That said, I'm not sure I like any of these photos. But this blog being free infinite space and a learning project, I'm putting them all up. Here's a picture before the demolition and this is the drawing of the future plan. Discussion here.


Anonymous said...

It's no place for trees. You'd think they'd just eliminate it.

Anonymous said...

Are the developers of 475 Greenwich being required to provide for additional parking spaces that will be required by residents of the new building?
A few days ago, when I tried to park in my usual spot next to 474 Greenwich to make a delivery, I was prevented from doing so by a worker at the 475 building site because the Greenwich Street roadway is now so narrow there.


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