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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

A brief watermelon lemonade comparison

I have random food photos the same way I have random "before" construction photos. At Jane on Houston, when you order the fancy juice with brunch you get a separate pitcher. That's the watermelon lemonade in the background. The foreground is some kind of mandarin grapefruit juice. Both were outstanding. What else is interesting is that in the center you can see a clear square bottle. That is sweetening syrup. None of the juices have sugar in them, so you're meant to add your own sugar water. I didn't think either one needed it, but I won't deny that both were quite tart.

The previously seen watermelon lemonade from Bubby's. There is no shortage of sugar in this one. Though the watermelon is definitely present in the taste, this is lemonade old-fashioned style.

OK, that's not watermelon lemonade, it's Kitchenette's pink lemonade, but since we're onto lemonade and this shot kind of completes a circle by also having weird pink fruity butter, I'm including it. (I think the pink butter at Jane is strawberry. I believe this is cranberry.) That's the smoked turkey club in the foreground with chicken salad in the back. That's bits of garlic on the fries. Though these are good, I recommend the tuna melt or the smoked turkey, apple, brie omlette. Anyway, about the lemonade, good stuff, sweet and intense. The iced tea here is unsweetened and brewed so long it's cloudy. The pink lemonade is a nice alternative.

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