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Saturday, July 09, 2005

Illicit vendors: The collection complete!

And thus completes the Ground Zero characters collection.

These guys definitely don't want to be photographed, which I would honor if they weren't exploiting the place with their crap, not to mention breaking the law. Consider it neighborhood watch. The guy in the top photo saw me focus on him and quickly put all his books away. Then he pulled out his phone. I pretended to be taking a shot of ground zero, but I think he already figured out that I was watching him because the other guy called over to him and gave him a "what's the problem" look. Clearly the cell phone was a signal. The second guy clearly didn't think I was a threat because though he had also put his books away, he quickly pulled them out to present to prospective customers. Nice evil eye he gave me.

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Anonymous said...

Good for you! Take pictures of these vultures. I'm a Lower Manhattan resident also and these people drive me crazy. I wouldn't mind little souveniers or something innocuous being sold there, it's the picture books of the tower explosions that make me sad and angry everytime I see them. Taking pictures of them is a great idea because it's the last thing they want now that there are regulations on the books against vendors in the area.


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