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Sunday, December 05, 2004

Street Seen

I went and saw the Street Seen: Documenting Street Art panel today. Good turnout I thought, for possibly the largest panel I've ever seen. It took half the alotted time just to introduce everyone. Before I sound too snide, let me just say that I got more out of this hour long discussion than I have from one of these free group things in a while. I'm sure it felt rudimentary to the participants and there was a general groan when we ran out of time, but for the purposes of touching on some basic and interesting themes that those of us who don't live the scene don't often think about, it was a good sized portion of provocation.

Phrases and ideas of note:
Thought prompt
Non-aerosol media
Only famous on the Internet
Only advertisers are allowed to decorate public space
Comment on the surroundings instead of simply covering them

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