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Saturday, September 11, 2004

Other anniversary scenes

It's easy to snicker at their costumes, but a group of folks looking very much like these stood across from our building a few weeks after 9/11 and just started singing, and we appreciated it. So cheers to Quakers.

OK, YOU tell him skirts are for girls.

This was a nice tribute. Sharpie markers hang by strings so folks could circle names and leave comments.

These folks are reading from the book of profiles of all the people who died. Read the profile, show the picture, pass the book to the next person. As you can see by the water and food supply, they're in it all the way.

This was my favorite of the day. Stand on a short line and when you get to the front, the nice friar hands you to the rope and you get to give the remembrance bell a ring.

This was my least favorite sight. Do you meant to tell me that of all the areas around Ground Zero, all the streets and lots, there was no place else to put portable toilets than up against the fence ON the site itself???? Someone call Donald Trump, there are some folks in need of firing down here.

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