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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

How the hell did I miss that?

On my commute home, I take the 4th exit off the loop coming out of the Holland Tunnel, down West Broadway to Park Row, then onto Broadway. It's not as direct as West Street, but West if full of maddening traffic and busses around commute time, and my way is more interesting.

Anyway, today I'm on Park Row and crossing Church when suddenly there are blinding white lights everywhere and half the street is blocked off. There's a big stage set up and a massive flapping banner with "Green Day" on it.

Sure enough, staying late at work today caused me to missed a free Green Day show by J&R. I would have driven right into the middle of it if I'd come home regular time.

What really has me baffled is how I missed it. I've been out of the blog loop this past week as I've been busy at work, but last night I did a lot of catching up. I'm on two lower manhattan mailing lists and I read the local papers. (actually last week's Downtown Express is still sitting on the table, I never got past a quick look at the headlines), and, I was just in J&R buying the new Bjork, and I don't remember seeing anything about a free Green Day show.

Son of a gun.

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