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Sunday, September 19, 2004

Ivan in the sky

I know I've been slackin' on the posts, but I haven't been slackin' on the photos, so here they come. Starting with Saturday's temestuous weather.

I'm not sure if weather photos are trite, but the Ivan sky was really striking and it's my damn blog, so I took pictures. You'll want to click these for the bigger version to get a better sense of the grandure.

That black band across the horizon was really somethin'.


I know, they're sunset photos, but what made them worth taking was the contrast with earlier in the day. Instead of that black stripe across the horizon, there was a stripe of light across the horizon. I got there just a little to late for the real light show, when all of those overhead clouds were full of color, but still, nice stuff.

It seemed like there should be a way to work the clock in there compositionally since it had the color, but somehow I think it ruins the shot.

I was disappointed this didn't come out better, but in the large view you can see what I was going for, Verrazzano on one side, Statue of Liberty on the other. with the naked eye you can see that the bridge also had lights on, so with boats in the harbor it made a nice string.

Clock again. Maybe more appropriate this time. Gives the eye a good starting point.

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