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Monday, September 13, 2004

Like Christamas in there

Yeah, we went to the new Home Depot, and we even bought something. We needed wooden drawer pulls and we needed to check out the new store. We didn't spend that much and our local hardware store doesn't have wooden drawer pulls anyway.

This new store isn't like a real Home Depot, it's more like a Home Depot showroom. Still, it was a zoo in there, people all over the place all frantic like Christmas. And can you imagine what Christmas is going to be like over there? Starting up 6th Ave at Old Navy, up to Best Buy at 23rd, across to 5th and down past all those clothing stores, Gap, Victoria's Secret, then on to Union Square and that red and white striped bazare they always have. It's going to be one massive outdoor mall.

By the way, this Home Depot has check-yourself-out machines. No, not mirrors, self service cash register things. I think it's the first time I've seen them in the city.

Funniest line of the trip:
Older couple on 23rd street.

She: What's this "Outback"?
He: I don't know, some kind of restaurant.

God bless them.

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