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Sunday, September 19, 2004


I wanted to make a remark on this report in the Times on Wednesday in which it is revealed that the Deutsche Bank building is still covered in toxic 9/11 dust. NO FUCKING KIDDING!!! Just look at the thing! Folks who spent any time down here after the event will shudder with recognition at the sight of the spray painted "searched" tag and the notes scrawled into the dust by the stricken. Yes, that's original 9/11 dust on that building. They never even bothered to wash the outside of it. In fact, for a couple years afterward there was still 9/11 dust in the Walk signs and on some of the phone booths. All these friggin' politicians come down here and make speeches and some pander to the lower Manhattan residents about how they're going to work to go after the EPA for flat out telling lies about the air down here, and meanwhile, they only halfway even bothered to clean the actual neighborhood. Did they even walk down here?? Or do they just stand at the specially constructed photo-op podium and then get the heck out?

This is the quote that really burns my butt:

"Yesterday, workers clad in protective suits could be seen entering the building. Their role, Ms. Peterson said, is to double-check the windows and plywood boards on the exterior and to inspect the plastic barriers around the contaminated areas."

What about the people living and working down here who aren't in protective suits? Just fuck them? Tough luck suckers! Shoulda moved out when the buildings started falling!

And what about all those comando guys who are constantly in and around that place? They don't count? Take deep breaths guys, no prob. Maybe when this job is done you can go guard a nuclear waste dump.

And don't even get me started about the cops who have to stand all day next to the asbestos dumpster -yes, it's still there.

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