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Thursday, June 28, 2007

William Taft to go

William Taft to go
I'm not a vegetarian so I may not be a good judge of the food we got here. The fried zuccini sandwich was very good. I also had the salad with the bleu cheese and the fruit. Also good. The caesar salad with vegan dressing was a little odd but still tasted like cesar salad. It had tomato slices in it, which was unexpected. The macaroni & cheese was large bow noodles with a thin cheese or butter sauce, not the orange lump of elbow noodle comfort food I was expecting. For that matter, the potato salad was dressed, but not gloppy white with mayo (how I like it). So I guess the one note I can make there is not to expect traditional comfort food from the comfort food menu items. Of course, if you regularly eat vegetarian you're probably saying, "Duh."

Next time, brunch.

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