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Monday, June 11, 2007

Strike a pose

I'm hanging around watching them set up for this photoshoot on the chance there's something to be learned. Just before they begin shooting the model tells the assistant to make sure no one's taking pictures. The assistant comes over to me, and tells me, "This is all copyrighted."

Um... OK, congratulations on that. Here's the thing: If you're going to stand on Bedford Ave in your underwear, contorting yourself on an antique car, I'm going to take your picture. And if you're a diva about it, I'm going to put the pictures on my blog even if they're not quite in focus.

Strike a pose

Strike a pose

Strike a pose

1 comment:

swanee swifty said...

nice shot.

just got wind of your blog.
fellow brooklyn photogs are always appreciated.


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