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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

"Welcome to the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex"

The airport. Maybe the arrivals area is prettier?

The looming skyline. By the way, we drove past one of those roadside time/temp signs on the way. 3 p.m. Central Time, 101 degrees.

The view from the Radisson's room 1223.

This building throws a lot of nice reflections.

I can almost picture the tornadoes dropping from the clouds out there.

The downtown is about 6 blocks square. You can walk it all in about a half hour. It's attractive and has music and bars and restaurants and attractive people, even on a Wednesday. My biggest criticism would be that the planning of it feels a little heavy handed. I feel like six months ago this entire downtown wasn't here. When I get back I'll be interested to read up on this area a little.

This is a big function hall.

The color is off on this one, it's really more yellow like the other shots. These will look cool in a hundred years. I'll have to come back for before/after shots.

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