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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Stirrings at Trinity Boxing Club

Why is there a telemundo sat truck outside the Trinity Boxing Club?

Today when I walked by I found the answer, a car with a huge Miguel Cotto poster on it. Cotto is fighting at Madison Square Garden this weekend. So neighbors, keep an eye out, you may see a celebrity on the block this week.

As near as I can figure from the translated Spanish, he's training at Trinity before the fight:

In the morning of, meanwhile, Cotto it yesterday shared a round table in which it answered questions journalists of New York and the foreigner, whereas in hours afternoon one went to train to the gymnasium "Trinity Boxing Club", located in the financial district of Manhattan and closely together of the place in which the missing "Twin Towers" of the "World Trade Center" were erected.

A little choppy, but the meaning is clear. Source

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