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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Space invader

Space invader

Space invader

Space invader

Space invader


Jake Dobkin said...

will, buddy-- allow me to pass on some useful advice given to me by a much more experienced photographer a few years ago: only put up your best shot. edit mercilessly.

Will said...

HA! I thought I WAS being judicious!

Seriously though, I recognize that all the cool kids keep the photoblogging efficient and tight and I've been moving in that direction. I use my Flickr stream as a dumping ground and try to wait a few days before posting from there to here so I'm not as clouded by that of-the-moment enthusiasm. All the local stuff ends up staying there and most of the Curbed stuff.

But since the most formal training I've had in photography is those NYCPB meetings you used to set up, I use this blog as a workshop more than a gallery. This post, for example, is about testing the range of this lens.

Maybe eventually I'll get a real site and a real URL and be more selective about what I share but for now I don't mind being transparent about how I'm trying to learn lessons. I'm not sure I see any real disadvantage in doing so - other than not developing my sense of artistic ruthlessness.


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