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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Cross country with a clean window

Crossing the border

Cloudy day in western New York
Crossing the border - the plane few part of the trip over Canada. This point is far western New York, just crossing over.

Lake effect

Lake effect
Lake effect - East of Green Bay is an outcropping of land and then Lake Michigan. The air was clear over the land but you could see it pick up water as soon as it hit the lake.

Fresh snow east of Fargo

Fresh snow east of Fargo

Fresh snow east of Fargo
Fresh snow east of Fargo - The plane window has a bit of a prism property to it so while colors are already odd, they do some weird things by the time the camera is done. By the time I finished processing this whole series I found a few tricks for taming the color a bit.

Eastern Montana plateau

Eastern Montana plateau
Eastern Montana Plateau


Mid-Montana - Amazing how the fields go right up to the edge of the cliff.

The mountains of Western Washington
Usually this is an amazing view but it was mostly cloudy as the folks living down there are getting hammered with record snows and avalanches. This was one little hole before it all turned white.


me said...

That fresh snow over Fargo is awesome. I had to take another look because it looked like a pencil drawing of a map.

Anonymous said...

DITTO ! HUGE fan of yours and those pictures of the fresh snow are just ABsolutely magnificent ! keep up all your great work. can't tell you how much i appreciate it almost every day of our lives. best, dave


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