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Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I had the idea that the horizontals in the stairs worked with the horizontals in the tires. Now I'm not so sure. Nice depth but I wish there was something back there to see once your eye goes there.


JP said...

As a dedicated fan of your photography, I have been using your stuff as backgrounds for my blog banner. I change them on a regular basis, usually when one of your photos really touches my state of mind. I've credited you with the photography, don't make any money on my blog and hope you don't mind me using them. You truly capture NYC in a way I have yet to see anyone else manage to do. Here (click on my name) is my URL so you can see how I use your pictures...and do comment if you'd like me to stop. I'll understand.

Will said...

Thanks very much for the encouraging words. I don't have a problem with your using my photos. I've been trying to make some money on this hobby lately but mostly through sales to local media.


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